13th Update On Election Petition Hearing

Hearing started at 9:45am. After parties and Counsel were announced. The witness, Rojo Mettle Nunoo was reminded of his former oath.

Cross-Examination by Counsel for 1st Respondent.

The witness under cross examination, admitted that he signed 13 out of the 16 regional summary sheets. The witness further admitted that all the regional summary sheets were signed by the agents of the Petitioner and none of them assigned a reason for refusing to sign any of sheets. The witness further admitted that at the time of leaving the strong room, he had seen all the 16 regional summary sheets before leaving the strong room. The witness also admitted that the Petitioner was given accreditation for 4 strong room agents and at the time the he left with Dr Kpessah Whyte, the two other agents could have stayed to represent the petitioner. The witness who claimed to be a veteran of the strong room also admitted that he was not in the strong room to obey instructions from the EC. He further stated that they were in Court to challenge the declaration for the 1st Respondent so she can declare the true results.

Cross-Examination by Counsel for 2nd Respondent.

During cross-examination, the witness admitted having an active phone at the time he left the strong room but opted to see Petitoner in person. He further admitted he has not presented the details of the allegation of errors in the results.He further admitted that he has not demonstrated that the lack of transparency if at all, affected the outcome of the 2020 elections.

Justice Marful-Sau asked the witness whether he signed the 13 out of 16 regional summary sheets before going to see the Petitoner and he answered yes.

The Court closed the case of the Petitioner.

Counsel for 1st Respondent informed the Court that having regard to the evidence that the Petitioner has adduced, the 1st Respondent does not intend to call any witness and accordingly they close their case in line with the provisions of C.I.87.

Counsel for the Petitoner vehemently opposed this and the court after sometime informed Counsel to prepare and address the Court on the matters the following day.

The case was adjourned to Tuesday, 9th February, 2021.

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