Dr Bawumia Launches The National Youth Volunteer Program Under YEA

The Vice President of Ghana Dr Alhaji Bawumia has stated that the current employment in Ghana will base on the capacity of what u can do with the patriotism and volunteerism as the National Youth Authority has initiated.

He said mobilizing youth in the various community and rekindle the patriotism in the upcoming Ghanaian youth.

He said this will change the narrative of what Ghana Youth is about an avenue for the youth to contribute their quoter to the development of Ghana.

Dr Mahamudu Bawumia said that you can go to any place in Ghana to work voluntarily to help build the country.

Create a general for entrepreneurs to address some of the challenges confronting Ghana.

Employ thousand youth in the next three years.

Permit young Ghanaians to exhibit their talent.

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