23rd Chinese Bridge Global Chinese Proficiency Competition

The Pro-Vice Chancellor in Charge of Academic and Student Affairs of the University of Ghana Prof. Gordon Awandare has urged students in various universities to take the Chinese language proficiency seriously to enhance cultural diversity.

Prof Gordon Awandare in his address, said the partnership that exist between the University of Ghana and the Confucius Institute of the University of Ghana for the past decade is not likely to be taken for granted because the University and the government of Ghana seeks to break down geographical barriers and help students establish global perspectives.

He further added the University of Ghana is very determined to provide students with a holistic education that will make students globally competitive in the world of work as well as equipped major languages. This is because the Chinese language has become a very important communication tool for both in business and in diplomatic circles.

The Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof Gordon Awandare made these remarks during the 23rd Chinese Bridge, Global Chinese Proficiency for University Students.

Prof Wang Jimm, in an interview with the media, said the demand for both English and Chinese speakers grows a bigger economy globally. He outlines the various Juicy packages for this year’s winners for the 23rd Chinese Bridge, which include scholarships, jobs, and roles in education, tourism, and international relations exposure.

The special guest of honour Li Yang, Minister-Counsel
at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China to Ghana, in his address said language hold the key to unravelling the Chinese civilization and learning Chinese will help students get jobs easily.

He further added that he is overwhelmed at the rate at which Ghanaian students have embraced the Chinese language and culture. He said under the leader of Xi Jinping and President Nana Akufo-Addo both countries have achieved a remarkable outcomes in recent years as the political mutual task continues to deepen as commercial corporation which promotes trade had reached 11 billion dollars in 2023. That has made a lot of Chinese investors channel their resources to Ghana, and that has created job opportunities for both countries.

Touching on the theme”One World One family” Mr.Tang Hong, the Chairman of the Ghana Association of Chinese Societies and Ghana Chinese Chamber of Commerce in his address encouraged Ghanaian students to become ambassadors for closer exchanges and the link between Ghana and China on a win situation.

He further added that the Ghana and Chinese partnership has brought a crowd and profound meaning in terms of trade,culture exchange, and language barrier.

Prof. OU Yamel who is the Chinese Director with the University of Cape Coast elaborated on Ghanaians embracing the Chinese language in recent times. She also touches on how the people of the Central Region are trooping in day and day out to be enrolled in the Chinese proficiency language.

Prof. Yamel further made a fervent appeal to the Ghana Education Service to reconsider adding the Chinese language in the Ghanaian curriculum.

Some of the students who participated in the 23rd Chinese Bridge competition in an exclusive interview expressed their love for the Chinese language, culture and how it would help bridge the language barrier in terms of business and Education. Most especially promise to emerge winners when they represent Ghana in China.

The 23rd Chinese Bridge, Global Chinese Proficiency competition, brought together students who exhibited their prowess in Chinese proficiency and performances that got audiences crazy for Tthe Chinese language.

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