6th Edition of Ghana-France Higher Education and Research

The Deputy Minister for Education, Rev. John Ntim-Fordjour has emphasized that Ghana is ready to foster a good relationship with France and enhance the development of higher-quality education in the country by introducing logistics diversities in the education sector to enable cultural understanding and educational excellence in Ghana.

Speaking at the 6th Ghana-France Higher Education and Research Conference held in Accra, Rev. Ntim-Fordjour urged that the three-day educational conference pay close focus on exploring potential innovative approaches, particularly around the areas of robotics and AI, given how the world is taking shape.

The three-day event kicked off on Monday at the McDan Moon Court at Gimpa in Accra, the second day at the Accra international conference centre and the final event to be held at Alliance Francaise with a day of institutional meetings.

The aim is to promote mutual understanding between French and Ghanaian higher education establishments and create exchanges between them to discuss cooperation opportunities for student and faculty exchange programs, as well as the development of joint research projects.

This major event is organized by Campus France, the French higher education institution that helps and assists students or people wishing to study in France, and by the French Embassy in Ghana.

The Deputy Minister for Education, Rev. John Ntim-Fordjour, stated that this collaboration has opened remarkable opportunities to promote the French language, foster cultural exchange, and enhance educational cooperation between Ghana and France.

The French Ambassador to Ghana, Jules-Armand Aniambossou, noted that it is the vision of the French government to make Ghana the hub of artificial intelligence.

Deputy Director of Campus France, Madame Béatrice Khaiat, added that the number of Ghanaian students in France is not encouraging. She then entreated Ghanaians to consider schooling in France.

The first day of the conference concluded with some diplomats, lecturers, students and the media in attendance.

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