A/R- “We Will Deal With Imposters,”- PROTOA

The Ashanti Regional Chairman for the Progressive Transport Owners Association (PROTOA) Mr. Joseph Mensah has announced that it will not hesitate the association to deal with imposters, scamming people in the vibrant’s name.

He made this known to the press in an interview today, whilst the association holds its first zonal council meeting in 2022 at the Kumasi culture centre.

Mr. Joseph Mensah reiterated that several complaints concerning the activities of these fraudulent ones have come to their attention, however cautioning the public to avoid any transaction with individuals who may come to them in the association’s name.

“We don’t deal with individual bodies, besides all our members have unique Identity which can be fetched from Google, you can verify the legitimacy of anyone who comes to you in the name of PROTOA through the internet and our offices are always available for help,” he mentioned.

Touching on rapid increment in fuel prices, he appealed to the government to reduce the prices of fuel, since it had increasingly affected their businesses.

“I am urging the government to avoid feeling complacent, they should sit up and reduce the fuel prices, all our members and other drivers unions are crying, we cannot make daily sales as we used to do, so the government must listen to us and reduce the fuel prices for us.”

Furtherance of the information, he forewarned drivers to avoid overspeeding and imprudent driving, which have been the major roots of road accidents in the country.

“It’s so terrifying to wake up every morning to hear bad news on our roads, the death toll is becoming too many on our roads, I want to use this convenience to caution drivers to avoid anything which can lead to a mishap on our roads,” he confirmed.

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