Accra experiences moderate earth tremor of magnitude 4.0

Ghana’s capital, Accra experiences a moderate earth tremor of magnitude 4.0 on Monday morning.

A moderate earth tremor was felt in most parts of Accra Monday morning (December 12, 2022).

The epicenter was located in the western part of Accra, 10 km from Gbawe.

The phenomenon which took place at 11:53 am local time (December 12, 2022), occurred three times in the space of five hours.

The first was experienced at 6:53 am, also in the western part of Accra, the second around 10am at the same places and the third occurred 11:53am, 10 km from Gbawe.

According to the Android Earthquake Alerts System, the seismic movement reached magnitude 4.0 which makes it one of the strongest earthquakes in Ghana.

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