Acting Global President Of UNIPGC /CIPG Calls For Lasting Peace On The African Continent

The Acting Global President of the UNIPGC, H.E. Ambassador Dr Jonathan Ojadah has called on the African Union to ensure the perpetuation of absolute peace and social justice
across the continent.

He said this can be achieved through collaborative efforts, humanitarian interventions in
emergent wars and regional conflicts and advocacy in developing and providing resources to
deprived communities.

H.E. Amb Dr Ojadah made this statement at the ongoing Festival of Arts and Culture, in
Arusha, Tanzania, on the occasion of the Commemoration of the African Union Day, which
falls on 25 th May each year.

He said as the Acting Global President of such an august and prestigious organization whose
prominent objective is to harness peace through good governance and human rights, he is
calling on the A.U., to partner with the UNIPGC to consolidate its presence in the various
communities affected by conflicts and poverty, and ensure sustainable activities which will
study cases of human rights violations and propose peaceful solutions to resolve them.

He said local peace mechanisms can be strengthened to build trust between the security
forces, even conflict combatants and the youth as well as the media.

He said the inception of the American University of Peace and Governance ( AUPG), in
Texas, USA, a brainchild of the IPGC Supreme Council Resolution, is dedicated to the
study of Peace and Diplomacy.

He called on the A.U. to take advantage of this excellent institution of higher learning which
aims at training leaders and diplomats across the globe to formulate strategies and practices to
address the myriad of problems affecting human and global well-being.

While wishing the A.U well in its future undertakings and endeavours, he called for a
a wholistic and concerted effort to end all the regional conflicts in Sudan, the Sahel Regions
and the Southern African enclave especially D.R.Congo.

He said his organization is ever ready to help the A.U. in all facets of conflict resolution and
diplomacy and contribute to the processes of successful leadership, peace-building and good
governance towards a lasting continental peace.

H.E. Amb. Dr Ojadah said peace is the highest religion and the glory of humanity.

He appealed to all warring factions on the Continent to give peace a chance, because,
according to him, “The fruit of understanding is compassion and the fruits of compassion is
love, whose fruit is peace, so humanity must develop understanding and tolerance for
everyone’s right to existence, worship and freedom.”

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