African Games: Ghana Is Ready 

Our nation Ghana is ready to bring the entire continent to Accra come next year, March 8th to 23rd 2024 for the 13th African Games.

The Local Organizing Committee is the body entrusted by the state through the Government to organize the Continental Games.

So far the Committee has been working assiduously to ensure that the country hosts a successful Games.

Its partners in this endeavor include the African Union, the Association of National Olympics Committees, and the African Union Sports Council.

The collaboration has been awesome.

Fifty-five countries will gather in our country for the sports festival.

This will be the first time our beloved country is hosting the Games since its inception in the 1960s.

All the contractors at the venues: the University of Ghana and Borteyman are busily working to meet the deadline.

The members of the Local Organizing Committee and its various sub-committees are putting in their maximum efforts to give the nation an outstanding hosting and organization.

As stated in my previous piece, every Ghanaian is invited to be part of this preparation and hosting.

The LOC welcomes all the sons and daughters of the nation to play their role in this enterprise.

Ghana is ready, come on board.

By Clement Osei Aboagye 

Contributor; Ahmed

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