Agona Duakwa Chief ‘Bans’ NDC MP For Agona East, From Campaigning In Duakwa And Environs

The chief of Agona Duakwa, NANA KOJO AMUAKWA V, has banned the Member of Parliament for the Agona East constituency, QUEENSTER POKUA SAWYER, from campaigning in Duakwa and any of the 41 smaller towns under Duakwa.

Addressing a Press conference at his Palace, the Chief indicated that the MP told untruths and spread false allegations against him in December last year, that she the MP, gave the Chief, an amount of 22,000 Ghana Cedis to rehabilitate a refuse dump at Duakwa.

According to NANA AMUAKWA V, he respectfully invited the MP to his Palace to explain to his elders, whether the information reaching him was true or mere allegations. Upon several invitations to the MP, through the elders of the Palace and the lawyer of the Chief, with copies sent to both Constituency and Regional executives of the NDC, and even to Parliament, the MP has still failed to honor the invitation for the past 9 Months.

The Chief ordered for pouring of libation and killing of a sheep to seal his directives.

NANA AMUAKWA V, indicated that the actions of the MP is not just a disrespect to him alone as a Chief but to the whole Duakwaman and even the ancestors who found or established DUAKWA.

He therefore urged all the leaders of his 41 Smaller Towns under Duakwa, not to allow the MP to campaign in their towns; else they will be punished severely.

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