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AJ’s Help The Needy Project Donates To Bed-Ridden 34-Year-Old Woman

AJ’s team presenting items to Bernice

The AJ’s Help The Needy Project has donated items to a 34-year-old bed-ridden woman at Begoro in the Fanteakwa District of the Eastern Region.

Bernice Kwarteng has spent 17 years of her life staying indoors and also abandoned by relatives due to her condition.

Items donated include oil, rice, milo, milk, sugar and toiletries, and an undisclosed amount of money among other items.

Founder of AJ’s Help The Needy Project, Anita Opoku-Appiah, said she was touched reading a publication about Bernice in one of the papers, so she was motivated to solicit help from people to support her.

“I was really touched by her story and I continually had the feeling to visit her,” she said.

She added that “reaching out to people should be something we all have to learn and act upon as human as we are because that is the only way to show love and care to one another.”

“We don’t have to wait to have a room full of money before we extend a helping hand; the little we give is much appreciated, God bless all our donors for consistently supporting us put smiles on those in need,” she added.

With uncontrollable tears, Bernice Kwarteng expressed her gratitude to AJ’s Help The Needy team for their support, and also prayed for God’s protection for the team.

She also appealed to the team to continue to lend a helping hand to the needy since many are also abandoned by relatives. According to her, she was paralyzed when she was in form two at the Begoro Senior High School and stopped schooling due to severe pains.

She was later taken to several hospitals but her condition continued to worsen, and currently not able to sit or walk.

The AJ Team is a non-profit organization that aims at soliciting foodstuffs, clothes, bags, shoes, stationery, and funds among others to donate to orphanage homes, less privileged and vulnerable in the society.

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