Akosombo Dam is safe for the next 100 years-VRA assures Ghanaians

The authorities of Volta River Authority has assured Ghanaians that the Akosombo Dam which was built since 1966 with current generating capacity of 1,020 can stand the test of time for the next hundred years.

The Akosombo Dam also provide about eighty percent(80%) of the total generating power in the country and it is also the main hydro power generating plant in Ghana.

Ing Eugene Ada Asomontsi, Director, Engineering Services Department, VRA speaking to journalists during a tour to the facility he said they are able to achieve that because of the regular inspection and maintenance that are conducted.

He further indicated that the inspection and maintenance are in categories, daily, month and yearly and even once inspection are done in five years by the dam review board with international experts.

Ing Asomontsi disclosed that the report of the independent experts in 2015 confirmed another hundred years span of the Akosombo Dam.

Ing Eugene Asomontsi revealed that Volta River Authority has enough funds for the maintenance of the dam and ten million dollars was spent on maintenance last year and this year.

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