Ashanti Region: Police outline security tips amid surge in car snatching

The Ashanti Regional Police Command has outlined some precautionary measures for persons who stand the risk of having their cars snatched by syndicates.

This comes in the wake of recent cases of car snatching in some areas in the region.

The Command said though it has arrested some syndicates in the past, bringing the menace to its barest minimum, it has recorded cases of car snatching in recent times.

It said these syndicates usually attack their victims at the entrance of their homes at gunpoint and snatch their vehicles from them.

The Command believes these measures below will nip the menace in the bud:

Call home when approaching someone in the house to look out for suspicious characters around before you get home.

Make sure you have good exterior lighting, particularly around the front and the back door, so that you can identify persons and any dark areas where an intruder could take cover to attack.

You should be able to control external lighting from inside the house.

Be alert to anything unusual, such as strangers waiting outside your house or cars
following you.

If you notice anything suspicious, report it to the police or relevant authorities.

Always vary the routes you use to your house so that you cannot be predicted by these miscreants.

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