Ashanti region: Three fake police officers arrested at Asawase

Three individuals pretending to be police officers have been arrested and remanded into police custody after patrolling polling stations during Tuesday’s district assembly and unit committee elections in Asawase, Ashanti region.

According to the prosecution, the three suspects — 37-year-old Zakari Yakubu, 24-year-old Godsway Fiakodzo, and 26-year-old Ibrahim Zack — were seen at Sawaba New Site polling stations A and B pretending to be officers monitoring the electoral process.

The police further revealed that the three accused persons were dressed in black outfits with body jackets, pepper sprays, jack knives, and five pairs of handcuffs.

Upon suspicion of impersonation, the police swiftly apprehended the three individuals wearing bulletproof vests. Two motorcycles belonging to the accused were impounded.

Sources reveal that Inspector Frank Osae, the investigator, and his superiors ensured a prompt court appearance following the suspects’ arrest.

Appearing before the Prempeh Assembly Hall District Court, the trio faced charges of “falsely pretending to be public officers” and were subsequently remanded into police custody.

The case has been adjourned to January 6, 2024.

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