Asiedu Koram ll Call On Akpossos To Let Peace Prevail In The Apesokubi Traditional Area

The Paramount Chief of Apesokubi Traditional Area, Okogyeaman Asiedu Koram II has called for peace to remain between his traditional area Apesokubi and that of Akposso-kubi.

According to him, there was a press conference organized by the descendants of some Akposso immigrants from Togo, who settled in the Apesokubi Traditional Area in Ghana mainly as farm hands during the early parts of the 20th century.

He said the Akposso immigrants living in the Apesokubi Traditional Area are the indigenous inhabitants of the area and that they are the rightful landowners in the area which Okogyeaman Asiedu Koram II claims is never true.

Okogyeaman Asiedu Koram II in an interview with the media to clarify the ongoing issues in regards to who owns the area, said the area is called Akposso-kubi and not Apesokub and that they are the rightful chiefs and traditional authorities in the area.

He used this opportunity to call on Akpossos to purge themselves of their delusional beliefs and let peace prevail in the Apesokubi Traditional Area.

He stated that all available historical evidence established clearly and conclusively that the indigenous inhabitants of Apesokubi/Apesokubi Traditional Area are Akans whose forebears acquired the area by conquest and settlement, and have since remained in uninterrupted and effective possession and occupation of lands in the area for more than ages.

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