Attorney-General to reinitiate  case against Aisha Huang

The Office of the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice has called for the case docket of En Huang, aka, Aisha Huang, who is alleged to have engaged in illegal mining after being deported over a similar offense.  

A tweet from the Office of the Attorney General stated on Tuesday: “The Attorney-General has called for the new docket on En Huang aka Aisha regarding offenses she is suspected to have committed.  

“The A-G will also re-initiate prosecution in respect of the old offenses for which she was standing trial before her deportation in 2018.”  

Aisha was arraigned last Friday and remanded into lawful custody for engaging in mining without a license. She is said to have engaged in illegal mining at Bepotenten in the Amansie West District, Ashanti Region.  

She had been charged with three counts of undertaking small-scale mining operations, contrary to Section 99 (1) of the Minerals and Mining Act, 2006 (Act 703); providing mining support services without valid registration with the Minerals Commission, and contrary to the Minerals and Mining Act, 2006 (Act 703), and the illegal employment of foreign nationals, contrary to the Immigration Act, 2000 (Act 573).

She is also facing a charge of engaging in the sale and purchase of minerals in Accra without a license.  

Aisha had her plea reserved because there was no Chinese Interpreter in court.  

Her alleged accomplices were put before the same court for also engaging in the sale and purchase of Minerals without a license.  

They are John Li Hua, Huang Jei, and Huaid Hun. The three have all denied the charge and they have been remanded lawfully into Police custody.  

With Aisha, they are expected to reappear on September 14.  

Aisha 2018 was deported from Ghana after the State entered a Nolle prosequi in respect of her trial over similar offenses.  

According to the facts presented by the prosecutor, Detective Chief Inspector Frederick Sarpong, Aisha Huang changed her identity only to come back to Ghana to commit the same crime for which she escaped prosecution earlier.

According to the prosecution, the suspect applied for a Togo visa and went through the borders into Ghana and back to the galamsey business in a town in the Ashanti Region.

They were arrested upon intelligence by National Security officials.

It has emerged that Aisha Huang has been carrying what is suspected to be a Ghana Card which she claimed to have obtained in February 2022.

Details on the said card, labeled as a Non-Citizen Identity Card have the date of issue as February 27, 2022, and are expected to expire on February 26, 2023.

It has her name as En Huang on it and it was found in her possession when she was arrested.

Non-Ghanaian citizens resident in Ghana is able to obtain Ghana Cards pursuant to obtaining a residence permit by the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS).

Aisha Huang was deported from Ghana to China in 2018 after she was linked to a series of illegal mining activities in the Ashanti Region.

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