Bodies laid out on the pavement as shopping centre bombed

There were several attacks on the Ukrainian capital overnight hitting a large shopping centre, offices and gym in the north of the city.

We saw a number of bodies laid out on the pavement outside the mall. Police said at least eight people have been killed.

The attacks came late at night in the Podolsky district and the office of the prosecutor general of Ukraine has said they have launched an investigation into potential war crimes.

The large car park outside is strewn with mangled wreckage, shrapnel and what appeared to be unexploded ordnance over a wide area.

We saw people who’d parked their cars in the car park trying to recover items from one of the less damaged vehicles. Many of the others were just burned-out wrecks.

“We heard a really loud explosion,” one woman told us. “We were in our apartment nearby and there was a terrible big noise. We don’t feel safe anywhere in Ukraine right now.”

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