Breaking The 8 Is Crucial For Ghana’s Future – Hopeson Adorye

Former NPP parliamentary candidate for the Kpone Katamanso constituency and a member of the NPP communications team, Hopeson Yaovi Adorye, has stressed that breaking the 8 policy of the NPP is crucial because the NPP is the only political party in Ghana that empowers the private sector to flourish and thrive and so its incumbent on Ghanaians to keep the party in power to sustain the gains made.

Speaking to NET2 TV NEWS on a wide range of issues, Hopeson Adorye said a policy such as the Free SHS policy is under threat, especially if the NDC assumes power and appealed to all party supporters to unite for victory in 2024.

Mr Adorye accused the Fix The Country Movement of being a political entity whose aim is to throw the dust into the eyes of Ghanaians. He said the Fixing The Country Movement of which he is a member is mandated to set the records straight and challenge any propaganda spewed by the Fix The Country Movement.

Hopeson Adorye laid the blame of 8 persons alleged to have lost their lives during the 2020 elections, squarely on the NDC candidate for the 2020 elections, John Mahama because of his incendiary statements he made prior to the elections and said a similar one made by John Mahama is not a harmless statement.

On speculations concerning, the flagbearership race of the NPP, Hopeson Adorye urged party faithful to exercise some patience and be guided by the party’s regulations as it has learnt lessons from the 2007 race.

By: Isaac Clottey

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