Bride confidently raps during the wedding reception

Bride confidently raps during the wedding reception

Brides and grooms are always encouraged to enjoy their wedding as it might be the only time they get to show off their fashion sense and get everyone’s attention with no contradiction.

This bride decided to do something incredible, and her new hubby was not backing down as he joins in the fun.

Fati and Kingsley tied the knot about a month ago in Houston, Texas, and gave their guests at the reception a huge surprise that most would not have expected.

In a video shared by the couple’s Rukuslive Instagram page, the newlyweds were spotted going in the middle of a circle created by their family and friends as they come out for their reception, with microphones in their hands.

Suddenly, the DJ started playing a hip-hop beat, and the duo’s character changed and they became rappers on stage with incredible swagger.

Fati started bursting some bars and her hubby became her hype man and psyched her up.

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