Buhari urges patience after dozens killed in market raid

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has condoled with the families of victims killed in an attack on a village market in the north-western state of Sokoto.

The Sokoto state government said 43 people died in the Sunday evening attack after gunmen raided the open-air market in Goronyo town.

In a statement, President Buhari calls on Nigerians “not to despair”’ but “continue to be patient” as the authorities are “more determined than ever before to protect Nigerians”.

His government has been severely criticized for failing to tackle the country’s widespread insecurity, with killings and kidnappings for ransom by armed groups on the rise.

Violent attacks have continued despite the deployment of thousands of security forces as well as the blocking of internet and mobile phone services in much of the northwest of the country.


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