Building The National Cathedral Is Still The Focus Of The Government – Kojo Kum

The development of a public house of prayer stays a main concern of the Akufo-Addo government, the Minister-assign for Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs, Ebenezer Kojo Kum has said.

He said a $25 million seed capital has been focused on the development of the church building.

Work on the task slowed down because of the Covid pandemic.

Mr. Kojo Kum who was responding to inquiries from Parliament’s Appointment Committee gave the affirmation that the venture will be embraced at an insignificant expense to the citizen.

“The National Cathedral venture is as yet an administration need project. The President has said that the venture will be built in any event cost to the state. It is on course and as of now the constructors are nearby.”

The Interdenominational Christian Cathedral, when finished, will have a 5,000 seating limit with sanctuaries, a baptistery, a music school, a craftsmanship display and a Bible gallery, among others.

The house of God is relied upon to be built inside the following five years.

A few pundits have contended that the house of God is a sign of Ghana’s lost needs.

A financial specialist, Mr Jonathan Holm went to the Supreme Court to move the public authority’s choice to give out the land and different types of help for the structure of the house of prayer.

The court, in February 2020 anyway excused his directive application trying to end continuous chips away at the land reserved to house the National Cathedral.

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