Cases of African Swine fever confirmed in the Bono region

The Bono Regional Director of the Veterinary Services, Dr. Donald Joachim Darko has confirmed that some seven farms have so far been affected with African Swine fever in the Jaman North District of the Bono region.

In all, about 200 pigs have been killed by the disease on the affected farms in a community known as Jankufa.

“We’ve confirmed some cases of African Swine fever in the Jaman North District of the Bono region specifically a community known as Jankufa. So far, we’ve experienced 200 deaths of pigs and it has been curtailed and this means that it’s not spreading,” he said.

He further added that “so far, the farms affected are seven and we’ve met the stakeholders. I mean, the farmers themselves, the community leaders, Assembly members, and all those involved and we explained to them what we do in the advent of an outbreak such that we restrict the movement of the pig products so you won’t take over live pig or any carcass from Jankufa to any other place”.

Dr. Donald Joachim again noted that “all the pigs that died, we made sure we dug a very big hole and then buried them deeply. We’ve also taken steps to make sure that nobody moves any pig product from that area”.

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