Cassie claims Diddy had a bad past connection with her that included sexual assault and abuse.

According to legal affairs writer Meghann Cuniff, the “Official Girl” singer filed the petitions on November 16 in the Southern District of New York court system. The document includes a trigger warning concerning “highly graphic information of a sexual nature, including sexual assault.” Cassie names Sean “Diddy” Combs, Bad Boy Entertainment, Bad Boy Records, Epic Records, and Combs Enterprises as defendants.

The singer’s charges against her former collaborator and lover begin with a reference to his performance at the BET Awards in 2022. In it, he expressed gratitude to Cassie for “holding [him] down in the dark times.”

“The truth is, however, that Cassie—Ms. Casandra Ventura—was held down for over a decade by Mr. Combs’ violent behavior and disturbed demands.” The “dark times” for Ms. Ventura were “those she spent trapped by Mr. Combs in a cycle of abuse, violence, and sex trafficking,” according to the lawsuit.

The complaint includes a bulleted list of “violent and unlawful acts” that Diddy allegedly “forced” Cassie to commit. It addresses sexual assault from both the offender and bystander perspectives, as well as scaring Cassie and others.

According to Cassie’s complaint, Diddy did the following:

“Raped Ms. Ventura in her own home after she attempted to flee.” Ms. Ventura was frequently hit, beaten, kicked, and stomped on, resulting in bruises, ruptured lips, black eyes, and bleeding. After learning that he was romantically interested in Ms. Ventura, he wrecked a man’s automobile. Ms. Ventura was forced to perform sex activities with male sex workers while masturbating and taping the interactions. He dashed out of his flat with a gun in search of a rival industry leader, whom he discovered was close. He demanded that Ms. Ventura carry his gun in her handbag only to make her uncomfortable and show how scary he is.

According to the papers, Diddy is a “vicious, cruel, and controlling man” who entered her life in 2005, when she was 19 and he was 37.

“Throughout their relationship, Mr. Combs was prone to uncontrollable rage and frequently beat Ms. Ventura savagely. These beatings were witnessed by Mr. Combs’ staff and employees of Bad Boy Entertainment and Mr. Combs’s related businesses, but no one dared to speak up against their frightening and ferocious boss,” the lawsuit says

Cassie claims that after his “episodes of horrific abuse,” he would try to “hide” the “Me & U” singer and associated proof. It also says Diddy would love-bomb Cassie with presents.

Cassandra claims she attempted to flee the hip-hop icon “again and again” throughout the years. She claims, however, that his “network of corporations and affiliated entities” always “found her” and “implored her to return to him.”

“When [Cassie] believed that she had finally separated from her long-time abuser, she joined Mr. Combs for a dinner, after which he forced her into her home and raped her while she repeatedly said “no” and tried to push him away.”

The complaint also claims Diddy was envious of Cassie and Kid Cudi’s relationship and threatened to blow up his car. Cudi’s automobile exploded in his driveway shortly after the threats were made. According to the New York Times, a representative for Cudi corroborated Cassie’s account.

Cassie divorced Diddy after marrying Alex Fine in 2019. They have two children together.

According to the lawsuit, Cassie is looking for “justice for the decade of her life that Mr. Combs took away from her with threats of violence, excessive use of drugs, physical and psychological abuse, and sexual slavery.” She is also seeking “injunctive, declaratory, and monetary relief” against the case defendants for several state law breaches.

Diddy’s lawyer has come out swinging, dismissing Cassie’s complaint. He informed us that the majority of her allegations would be precluded from criminal prosecution due to the statute of limitations. Her rape allegation, on the other hand, might still be prosecuted in California, so only time will tell if she files a criminal complaint there. Diddy has angrily disputed all of Cassie’s charges and accused her of attempting to swindle him out of $30 million.

So far, at least one example in NYC where it appears Diddy is being pursued by cops has been discovered.

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