Charles Bissue withdraws lawsuit against Special Prosecutor

Former Secretary of the now-defunct Inter-Ministerial Committee on Illegal Mining, Charles Bissue, has withdrawn one of his lawsuits against the office of the special prosecutor (OSP).

During a court session on Thursday, Charles Bissue’s lawyers informed the court that they had received instructions from their client to withdraw the application seeking to nullify an arrest warrant issued against him by the OSP.

This development follows Charles Bissue’s voluntary surrender to the OSP and subsequent arrest, interrogation, and release on bail. The prosecutors did not object to the withdrawal of the application.

However, two other cases filed by Charles Bissue against the office of the special prosecutor remain pending. One case pertains to human rights allegations, where Charles Bissue raises concerns about human rights abuses.

The other case challenges the authority of the special prosecutor’s office to investigate him despite having been cleared by the Ghana Police Service.


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