China Calls For End To Sanctions Against Zimbabwe

China’s foreign minister has called for EU and US sanctions against Zimbabwe to be removed, saying they have no basis under international law.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi made the comment on his visit to Zimbabwe.

“The unilateral sanctions imposed by some countries and organisations on Zimbabwe have no basis in international law and they violate the legitimate development rights and interests of Zimbabwe,” Mr Yi is quoted by Bloomberg news agency as saying.

Mr Yi arrived in Zimbabwe on Saturday as part of his five-nation tour of Africa. He has already visited Egypt, Djibouti and Eritrea and is planning to go to Burundi.

In October the Zimbabwean authorities declared a public holiday to encourage people to protest against the sanctions.

The US and EU have both maintained sanctions, citing a lack of progress in democratic and human rights reforms as well as restrictions on press freedoms.

They target both specific individuals and companies.

US financial and travel restrictions currently apply to 85 individuals, including President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

There are also 56 companies or organisations facing restrictions.

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