Cities and Habitats, Ecobank launch ‘Rent to Own Boafo) home ownership package

As part of the 2022 World Habitat Day Celebration, Cities and Habitats, developers of the Planned Cities Extension Project and Ecobank Ghana PLC have partnered to launch a new home ownership package called the “Rent to Own Boafo)’.

The Rent to Own Home Ownership Package is a payment method that will ease the financial burden of home seekers by affording them early occupancy of the property within 18 months, once the initial deposit is paid.

According to the Project Manager, Daniel Aidoo, the project seeks to help home seekers fast-track access to their homes with the help of Ecoank by raising the 20% required under the scheme before occupancy is given.

Cities and Habitats, Ecobank launch ‘Rent to Own Boafo) home ownership package.

Speaking to Oman News, Mr. Aidoo maintained that it’s the desire of the project to find workable solutions to ensure that home ownership is made easy for all.

“The boafo) will help potential home buyers to have various options. Ecobank Ghana is ready to join us on this journey to help solve the housing deficit in the country”, he said

Executive Director, of Consumer Banking at Ecobank Ghana, Dr. Edward Botchway, on his part indicated that the package is a great initiative to support home seekers.

He explained why Ecobank Ghana PLC decided to partner with the initiative, indicating that the bank in its objective is poised to solve the housing deficit in Ghana.

“We at Ecobank Ghana think it’s a good initiative because the housing problem in Ghana is very critical and we’ve had this in our plans, that’s why we decided to engage them for this”, he stressed.

The 2022 World Habitat Day is under the theme “Mind the Gap. Leave no one and place blind”.

Story by:Kwaku Stephen

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