Closing our shops will affect Ghanaians in Nigeria – Ogbonna warns GUTA

The Executive Director of the Nigerian Traders Union in Ghana has warned that if attacks on his countrymen trading in Ghana must end or else, there will be reprisal attacks in Nigeria soon.

Speaking on Morning Starr on Friday, Kacey Ogbonna said there is no justification for some of the attacks on Nigerian traders in Ghana adding that most of the Nigerians traders meet all the requirements to do business in Ghana.

His comments comes after Members of the Local Union of GUTA in Koforidua in the Eastern region on Thursday agitated over the influx of foreigners mostly Nigerians in the retail business contrary to the laws of Ghana.

The local GUTA Chapter has therefore issued an ultimatum demanding closure of all retail shops of the Nigerians by August 31,2020 threatening to unleash thugs to forcefully eject the Nigerians from the local market if their calls are not heeded.

This comes after several months of clashes between Nigerian traders on their counterparts in the retail space in Ghana. There have been clashes at the Abossey Okai, Circle and Kumasi between Nigerian traders and the Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA).

Speaking to sit-in host Lantam Papanko Friday morning, Mr Ogbonna said most of the retail shops belong to Ghanaians married to Nigerian men.

He added that there must be a quick resolution to the impasse or else there will be consequences on over two million Ghanaians living in Nigeria.

“If you go into the issue, you’ll realize most of the shops being closed are not supposed to be closed. Nigerians are having the feeling they are being chased and it could have rippling effects over there in Nigeria because there are about 2 million Ghanaians trading in Nigeria.

“Most of the Nigerians whose shops are being closed have fulfilled the GIPC requirement. Some of the shops being closed belong to Nigerians whose wives and children are Ghanaians,” Mr Ogbonna added. 

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