CODEO Endorses Presidential Election Outcome With Parallel Voter Tabulation

The Coalition of Domestic Election Observers (CODEO) has asked Ghanaians to give confidence to the Presidential Election results declared by the Electoral Commission as it reflects accurately how citizens voted on December 7, 2020.

CODEO at a press briefing on Thursday morning also encouraged any party or candidate with issues about the presidential results to peacefully resolve these through proper legal and procedural channels.

The group said it monitored the election by deploying 1,502 Parallel Voter Tabulation (PVT) Observers across the 275 constituencies in the country’s 16 regions.

Observers who were deployed used a nationally representative random sample of polling stations located in every region and constituency of the country.

The Acting Chair of CODEO, Sheikh Arimiyawo Shaibu said at a press briefing.

He relayed CODEOs appeal to Ghanaians to remain calm, law-abiding and allow the systems to work.

He also disclosed that not only do CODEO’s PVT estimates match the official results of the EC, but their observers also reported that the two main parties (NDC and NPP) had party agents at over 99% of polling stations and that both NDC and NPP party agents also signed the official declaration of polls and were given copies of those documents.

The estimates presented by the PVT closely matched the EC’s official results, falling within CODEO’s estimated 95% confidence range and the associated margin of error.

CODEO’s estimates for the National Democratic Congress candidate John Dramani Mahama was much closer to the EC’s official results. Mahama polled 47.359% in the official results and 47.66% in CODEO’s PVT estimates.

By:Isaac Clottey

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