Consumer Protection Agency Calls For Shift Action Against Producers Of Unlabeled Paints In The Country

The Consumer Protection Agency’s surveillance task force has uncovered a troubling issue regarding paint products, with the so-called “American Paint” being a notable example, despite its popularity in the market, as it lacks approval from the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA).

These paints are imported into the country packaged in unlabeled drums, lacking any indication or origin or manufacturer, contrary to GSA and EPA regulations.

These unlabeled paints are then re-packaged and labeled as “American Paints”, which are sold and distributed into the local market.

Our investigations confirm that products manufactured in the USA, whether for domestic use or export, should not lack essential labeling, including the manufacturer’s details, batch number, ingredients, expiring date and barcode for traceability. We are informing the public that these so-called “American Paints” are fraudulent and are misleading consumers.

Additionally, we have identified a concerning trend of individuals producing paints in backyards and homes. The production of paints may be hazardous if not handled professionally and in a supervised environment by skilled and professional employees under strict safety conditions, as mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Ghana Standards Authority.

These makeshift operations are often situated in communities, which now pose significant health risks to both the producers and the surrounding communities.

In response, we have alerted the EPA and GSA to collaborate with the CPA in cracking down these illegal paint producers to safeguard public health and ensure compliance with safety

Thank you.

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