Coronavirus: US Hospital Admissions Reaches High Record As Cases Surge

The number of Americans in hospital with Covid-19 reached record levels on Tuesday, as more than a million new cases were confirmed this month.

There are over 10 million confirmed US cases and 239,732 deaths so far – and the death toll is rising to an average of over 900 a day amid the new spikes.

As of Tuesday, 61,964 people are receiving hospital care for the virus, the Covid Tracking Project reports.

Experts warn hospitals across the country could soon be overwhelmed.

The US has been seeing more than 100,000 new cases per day over the last 10 days in what experts say may be a worse outbreak than those seen in the spring and summer.

States across the US have broken new case records this week. On 10 November, Texas became the first state to hit one million total cases. That takes its case count above that of Italy – one of the worst-hit countries during the first wave in March and April.

The same day, Texas – America’s second most-populous state – saw over 10,800 new cases.

Other states, including Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, California and Florida, have also seen numbers rise. CBS News reports 15 states saw the numbers of patients in hospital due to the virus double in the last month.

Some hospitals, such as in Idaho and Missouri, have had to turn patients away because they ran out of room.

State leaders have been re-imposing pandemic restrictions as a result. Residents of Wisconsin and Nevada have been urged to stay at home for two weeks. In Minnesota, bars and restaurants must shut by 22:00.

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