COVID-19: Ghana’s Economy Seriously Affected- Finance Minister

The finance minister, Mr. Ken Ofori-Atta was in Parliament on 30, March 2020 to brief members on the effects and financial standing of Ghana and measures the government is putting in place to address the Pandemic Corona virus.

He said, the budget made for 2020 has seriously been affected due to unexpected expenditure that came up through the prevention of the disease from spreading further and has made our 18.9 billion Ghana cedis (4.7%) to 30.2 billion (7.8%) of our GDP.

He further touched on programs the President has put in place in making sure that, they reduce the accumulation of economic status from the coronavirus.

He said, the President is determined to cushion the economic and social difficulty the virus is introducing to Ghanaian businesses and the people at large.

The government economic team has also been task to minimize the job losses and the impact of Job losses and also to maintain fiscal discipline to make sure that the people have money to spend.

In all, Hon. Gyan Baffour concluded by saying, the NPP government can not sit by to see Ghanaians dying of coronavirus and if there is the need to use any funds of state to save the citizenry, the government will go ahead.

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