“Creative Arts Professionals Must See Themselves As Tourism Ambassadors”, Okraku Mantey

The role of Ghanaian creative professionals in propagating Ghana’s culture and tourism has been emphasized by Mr. Mark Okraku Mantey.

On the GTV Breakfast Show, the Deputy Tourism Minister stated that creatives, particularly those in music and film, should see themselves as catalysts for arts and culture as well as tourism ambassadors. According to him, their creative works should embody untold stories about some of Ghana’s tourist attractions and even its culture.

“Creative people must create, not just music and films, and even if it’s a film, they must consider how to sell Ghana enough, and we know some of them are shooting music videos in South Africa and other places abroad, forgetting that they have a duty to sell Ghana. He said they should shoot their videos here in Ghana to help identify some of the places”, He said

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