Direct Donations To Apiate Support Fund – Rev. Dr. Aryee

Rev. Joyce Aryee, Chairperson of the Apiate Support Fund Committee, has requested that all resources, both monetary and non-monetary, intended for the reconstruction of the Appiatse community be channeled via the Appiatse Support Fund.

She said that channeling resources via a single point of contact would guarantee effective coordination and accountability in their use.

“We wish to receive anything via the Apiate Support Fund, whether it’s in cash, kind, or other material. We want to do things in the most transparent way possible to aid in the reconstruction of the town and restore people’s faith in donating for the common good “Added the chairwoman.

When the Kessben Outreach Foundation, a subsidiary of Kessben Media, contributed GH50,000 to the Fund in Accra yesterday, Rev. Aryee made the call.

In addition to the monetary gift, Kessben Media initiated a campaign called “Make Appiatse Live Again,” to raise 10,000 sacks of cement to aid in the town’s reconstruction.

In an age when the public has lost faith in the government’s capacity to spend public funds wisely, Rev. Aryee believes it is critical to utilize the Appiatse issue to “redirect the hearts and minds of Ghanaians to help one another.”


Mr. Andrew Danso Aninkorah, the General Manager of Kessben Media, who delivered the presentation, said that his company will continue to donate to the fund.

In addition to the 2,000 bags donated by its viewers, Kessben Media had previously supplied 1,000 bags of cement.

The Apiate eruption, Mr. Aninkorah added, was a wake-up call for media organizations to utilize their platforms for social progress.

According to him, Kessben Media has teamed up with the Graphic Communications Group Limited (GCGL) to reach out to the general public.


On January 25, this year, the government established the Apiate Support Fund to aid with the restoration of the Apiate village, which was devastated by an explosion on January 20.

The fund is intended to aid in the rehabilitation of those who have been impacted by the disaster.

The Apiate Support Fund Committee is in charge of coordinating the collection of contributions from individuals and organizations to rebuild the community.

A vehicle transporting explosives from Maxam Ghana Limited, a business certified by the Minerals Commission to transport explosives, to the Chirano Gold Mines Limited via a subcontractor, Joyderk Co. Ltd, detonated, killing fourteen persons and injuring many more.

The explosion wreaked havoc on the neighborhood’s structures.

Following the catastrophe, government authorities and business entities visited the town and mobilized early resources to assist in the restoration of the region.

The Apiate Support Fund will oversee the mobilization of resources for the community’s reconstruction.

The committee is in charge of disbursing monies in line with the highest standards of openness and honesty for the exclusive benefit of the Appiatse community.

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