Dotty’s TVET Institute And CSIR Partner To Train Children With Creative Minds

Dotty’s TVET ( Technical and Vocational Education Training) and the Centre for Scientific and industrial Research (CSIR) have reached a common goal to help train brilliant and needy children in Ghana’s industrialization in the future and beyond.

The partnership would see children in basic, Junior High Schools across the country provided with hands on training robotics and coding, Beads making, Woodworks, Coding and many more.

The Founder of Dotty’s TVET Institute, Dorothy Ewurama said the initiative was also to help the country train young children to add value to raw materials by combining academic and industrial minds.

Madam Saah made the call at the launch of “Making of Future Industrialists,” project in Accra at the premises of CSIR. The project, a joint effort between the institute and the CSIR, seeks to unearth creativity to bring out the best in children through hands-on experience in science, robotics, engineering, bead making, fashion designing, woodwork, among other vocations.

Former Second Lady of the Republic of Ghana Madam Matilda Amissah- Arthur Urge parents and institutions should pay more attention to improving children’s talents and skills since every child is endowed with a gift which is needed to be improved and harnessed for growth.

The Deputy Director General at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Prof. Marian Quain who launched the project, also emphasized the importance of nurturing creativity and curiosity in children, saying they were key elements in driving social, economic and environmental development in the country.

She said nurturing the next generation in areas of robotics, fashion and agriculture would promote industrialization in the country for accelerated growth. “It is important that we empower young people to believe in their ability to develop, deliver and deploy technology locally rather than relying on imported solutions.

“With this launch, we aim to tutor the next generation to use what they have as a means of production and export.

The Dean of the School of Engineering Sciences at the University of Ghana, Prof. Elsie Effah Kaufman, assured Dotty’s Institute of her outfit’s preparedness to collaborate and support in the successful implementation of the project.

She highlighted the need to move beyond theoretical learning and focus on practical skills for pupils and students. Prof. Kaufman further emphasized that practical activities in science classes were inevitable to enhance students’ understanding and overall productivity.

“We can teach all the concepts. We can teach all the theories. But if our young people do not get a chance to practice what we are teaching them, we will continue along the same path and nothing will change,” she added.

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