Dozens of sailors rescued after Cyclone Hidaya hits Tanzania

Three people are known to have died and more than 100 others have been rescued, after the weakened Cyclone Hidaya made landfall in Tanzania at the weekend.

Although the cyclone’s speed reduced as it approached Tanzania’s coastline, it still caused heavy rains and strong winds to the country’s southern regions through Saturday.

More than 20 sailors from Tanzania and Zanzibar were among those rescued, reports say, after their boats drifted into Kenyan territorial waters. However one sailor is said to have been killed by sea turbulence.

The other 80 people rescued were on Tanzania’s Kilwa Island.

A major power blackout brought on by the cyclone hit most of Tanzania on Saturday. Ferry services between Tanzania’s commercial hub, Dar es Salaam, and Zanzibar were also suspended for safety reasons.

Pictures shared on social media showed several houses destroyed by powerful winds and fallen trees.

Neighbouring Kenya is on high alert following the devastation.

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