Eastern Region ECG Office Launches Operation Zero To Sanitize Its System And Recover All Debts Owed By Customers 

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), Eastern region has within a period of three months; from 11th July to 11th September, scheduled a special exercise dubbed “Operation Zero” to bring sanity between customers and the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

Through this operation, the eastern regional manager, Ing. Mrs Sariel Adobea Etwire said the company is set to go to all houses where ECG metres are fixed to check the efficacy of all the metres.

They would disconnect all illegal connections, they would change all defective metres and issue new metres to the houses.

She stated that the issuing of new metres would require the customer to show their Ghana card, digital address and a picture of the metre.

She said people who have used defective metres over a period, would be given a flat rate to pay in order to recover the electric power they have used within the period of time.

She said all other customers whose metres are to be changed would be required to pay off charges recorded on the metres hence the term, Operation Zero

Ing Mrs Sariel Etwire spoke about the new ‘Cash Less’ system which is now in put place for the purchase of electric power.
She said the “Cash Less” transaction for the purchase of electric power has come to stay.

She mentioned some of the advantages of “Cash Less” system including the acquisition of power from the comfort of homes, offices or wherever one might be and irrespective of the time or weather condition.

Furthermore, the regional manager said from their smartphones, the customers can see all their transactions with ECG including their usage and consumption of power, payments made and balance of their account.

She, therefore, advised all customers to download the ECG application and use *226# as the code to purchase electricity power.

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