Engage In Decent Campaign – EC To Presidential Candidates

The Electoral Commission (EC) has urged qualified Presidential Candidates contesting in the December polls to engage in decent campaigns.

The EC says its role is to organise a free, fair and transparent election and it is committed to doing just that. “We wish all the qualifying candidates the best of luck in their bid to ascend the high office of presidency.

We urge you all to engage in a decent campaign – a campaign based on policies and programmes that will lead to the betterment of our society,” Chairperson of the EC, Madam Jane Mensa said at a press conference on Monday, 19 October 2020 to announce the qualified presidential candidates to contest in this year’s election in December.

“As referees, our role is to arrange and organise orderly, fair, transparent, peaceful and credible election.

We assure you that we are working to do just that,” she stated.

Mrs Mensa added that “We do not have the power to determine who wins the elections. It is not in our control to determine the outcome of the election.

That power lies with the good people of our dear country.

The citizens and the citizens alone can determine who should lead them – not the Electoral Commission.”


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