EPA Boss Appeals To Ghanaians To Stop All Activities That Expedite The Destruction Of The Environment

The Executive Director of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Hon. Henry Kwabena Kokofu has made a clarion call to the Ghanaian citizenry to help protect the environment.

Speaking to Oman Fm on Saturday, 5th June 2022, a day set aside globally to mark ‘Environment Day’.

Hon. Kokofu bemoaned that, humanity has outgrown its wings and broadened its territories threatening the very source of our existence.

According to him, currently, there is over-exploitation of natural resources, destruction of ecosystems and above all modifying the environment to our likeness.

Our soils have been contaminated with chemicals, polluted the air with fumes from our vehicles and industries, and as well as filled the oceans with plastic waste.

Activities of mankind are destroying the forest that helps in the fight against climate change; storing carbon and sucking in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and locking it into their biomass.

He added that a charge falls on all of us as a state and citizenry to protect the environment as it has been enshrined in the 1992 constitution Article 36(9) and 41(k) respectively.

” We have not done much in protecting the environment as a nation,” he said.

More importantly, he said lack of knowledge and awareness of the environment has been a major factor in this menace.

Therefore, together with the education ministry, environmental education has been added to the curriculum from basic school to tertiary whilst the government is also doing all it can to address the Challenges.

Story by: Nana Kwasi Ampofo

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