EU Votes 4.4 Million Euros For Plastic Waste Recycling Project At Adenta

The European Union has voted 4.4 million euros to support waste management in Adenta and its environs to help deal with the menace of waste and also provide jobs for about 1,200 youth including people with disability.

This was announced by the EU ambassador to Ghana Diana Acconcia at the launch of the European Union Circular Economy and Local development programme and the Adentan Waste to Wages Project (ADWAWA) at Adenta, in the Greater Accra region.

Madam Acconcia said the local environment is polluted with waste which cause choked gutters, causing floods and leaving the state with a huge financial burden.

The EU ambassador stressed that the EU will support the construction of a recycling demonstration centre with ancillary facilities, which will train the youth on waste management, to produce bags, pavement blocks, dresses among others and also educate the public on waste management.

The Adentan municipal chief executive Daniel Alexander Nii Noi Adumoah for his part, stated that waste can generate a lot of income if well managed and hoped the new recycling facility will facilitate more jobs for the youth.

The ADWAWA project seeks to promote the development of a circular environmental management of municipal waste by reducing, reusing and recycling at least 50% of plastic waste generated by the Adentan Municpality.

It also seeks to provide employment and income generating opportunities among youth women and persons with disabilities through innovative waste recycling solutions and promote behavioral change and public participation in reusing and recycling of plastic waste through educational and awareness campaigns.

By:Isaac Clottey

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