Europe heatwave – live: Italy, Spain and Greece braced for record temperatures as second heat storm hits

Ancient heat records could be broken in Italy this week, a weather forecaster warned, as Europe swelters under a “severe” heatwave driven by the climate crisis.

 Italy issued new hot weather red alerts for 16 cities as another heat dome heads towards the Mediterranean region.

A new anticyclone dubbed “Charon”, who in Greek mythology was the ferryman of the dead, advanced into the region from North Africa on Sunday and could lift temperatures well above 45C in parts of Italy, Spain and Greece.

“We need to prepare for a severe heat storm that, day after day, will blanket the whole country,” the Italian weather news service said. “In some places, ancient heat records will be broken.”

The hottest temperature recorded in Europe was 48.8C in Sicily, in August 2021.

With temperatures above 40C, wildfires have already raged through several parts of Europe.

At least 4,000 people were evacuated in Spain as firefighters struggle to contain wildfires tearing through La Palma.

It comes as extreme temperatures are breaking records worldwide as both the US and China saw the mercury crossing 50C on Sunday.

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