Facial Recognition Is Part Of Voters Registration Exercise – EC

The Electoral Commission (EC) has reacted to a report published on social media which sought to cast doubts about the existence of the Facial Recognition Feature as part of the voters registration exercise.

According to the Commission, it obviously seems the writer lack an understanding of technology.

The Commission says facial recognition feature was part of the voter registration exercise.

It says in a statement that “we wish to assure the general public that as part of the voters registration exercise, the Commission is capturing both the fingerprints and faces of applicants.”

The Commission added in a statement that “as such, applicants will be verified using their fingerprints and/or faces.”

The Commission clarified that facial recognition is not solely function of the hardware equipment that is employed, adding that “it is used with the facial recognition software that drives the process. Specialized 3D hardware is not required for facial recognition.


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