Family Planning Reduces Crime Rate – Supt. Susanna Dery

Supt. Susanna Dery, the Ashanti Regional Coordinator for Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit, DOVVSU, has stated that, should the public, especially the couples engage themselves in family planning, crime rate will be reduced.

She said, more often than not, the members in the deprived communities and the very poor people give birth to more children, and sometimes leave them to wander off without ordinary rules of good conduct, and in turn, become criminals.

Supt. Susanna Dery stated this during a day stakeholders meeting on Family Planning, at Denyame, in Kumasi.

She maintained that, family planning enhances economic development of the couples.

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Vivian Araba Eshun, the Ashanti regional public health nurse, noted that, family planning creates convenient way for the couples to improve their livelihoods.

She lamented that, sometimes the couples and the other ladies seek advise from inexperienced or the people who have no knowledge about the family planning, and hence be dismayed to patronize.

She therefore, appealed to the general public to always seek advise or consult family planning experts for any explanation.

According to her, family planning improves health of the children as well as their mothers.

In related development, Ghana Health Service, GHS, through the sponsorship of United Nations Population Fund, UNFP, has organised a day orientation program for the nurses in charge of school infirmaries in Ashanti region.

Addressing the program, Vivian Araba Eshun, regional public health nurse, Ashanti region, advised the nurses to have a good relationship with the students.

She stressed that, should the nurses relate to the students well, health delivery in the schools will be improved, based on the fact that, the students will not be afraid to explain their health status to them.

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