Focus On Entrepreneurship-Dr. Awal To Ghanaian Youth

The Minister for Business Development,Dr Mohammed Awal has urged the youth in the country to venture into entrepreneurship to improve their living conditions and move the private sector forward.

He believes the youth could play a key role in moving the private sector to a greater height if given the needed support and encouragement.

He noted that Ghana had a large youthful population which he described as “very resourceful” and said six per cent of the population was below 30 years. He added that every year, about 200,000 young people graduated from schools across the country but that only 10 per cent were able to find jobs in the public sector, while the rest had to seek work elsewhere.

According to the minister, the private sector was choked, thereby limiting job opportunities for the youth.
The President, therefore, has decided that entrepreneurship is the way to solve youth unemployment and that is why the government created this ministry.

Our mandate is to deepen the intervention culture and build entrepreneurs out of young people,” DrAwal explained.

Dr Awal said the youth were the driving force of the nation’s economy and therefore tasked them to focus on entrepreneurship and private partnership businesses.
He insisted that government has putten all mechanisms in place to ensure that young Entrepreneurs succeed to help create employments and drive the economy.

Story by: Kwaku Stephen

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