GES Rolls Out Nationwide Campaign On Right Age Enrolment (RAE)

The Management of Ghana Education Service has begun a nationwide campaign on Right Age Enrolment (RAE).

The GES is ecouraging all parents to enroll their children in schools at age 4 years without hesitation.

Studies have shown that the main challenge facing Ghana”s KG Education is not exclusion or dropout, instead it’s over/under aged children sitting in KG Classrooms and children of school going age who are not in school.

According to EMIS 2017/18, over 400,000 children with right official school going age are still not in school.

However, early enrolment amongst KG children has more benefits. For every GHS5.00 invested in early learning, about GHS75 more is gained. The cognitive, social, physical and learning skills are also developed amongst KG children preparing them to be ready for Primary 1. KG Children are happy and they stay in school till completion.

Right Age Enrolment also helps in early detection of learning difficulties in some children to enable them receive appropriate support.

Right Age Enrolment will ensure that all children go through formal education unhindered.

GES is determined that no child is left behind in the nation’s effort to mobilize her human resources for accelerated development.

Public Relations Unit
Ghana Education Service.

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