GFA Commence Participation In FIFA’s Talent Development Ecosystem Analysis Programme

The Ghana Football Association and the FIFA High Performance development team, led by Hesterine de Reus, have undertaken a kick-off video conferencing meeting to commence the Association’s participation in the FIFA Talent Development Ecosystem Analysis programme.

The FIFA youth development initiative which has excellent technical personalities including Arsene Wenger, is aimed at implementing new programmes to promote talent development, a good understanding of the football ecosystem in each country and the various factors driving local talent development in member associations.

Participating member associations will benefit from a FIFA analysis of the various areas of their high-performance ecosystem in both men’s and women’s football, including all national teams and domestic leagues as well as scouting and development programmes.

All participating member associations will be asked to provide feedback via an online survey.

In addition, a number of member associations (selected by FIFA based on various criteria) will be visited by a FIFA analysis team, who will have conversations with key stakeholders both in the member association and beyond.

Below are other benefits of participating in the FIFA Eco-system programme:

• Better developed players from all regions within your country

• Increased competitiveness of your national teams

• Better understanding of how your structure and processes can be improved – as a country, as a league, as an academy, etc.

• Improved collaboration between stakeholders of your talent development system (e.g. club academies, schools, training centres, etc., who contribute to talent development in your country and produce players for your national youth teams)

• Global benchmark report

• Reports on 13 academies or youth teams by mapping their critical success factors and benchmarking of

international talent development standards

• Identify talent development needs and demands

• Benefit from best-practice models

• Receive FIFA technical support

• Develop a concrete action plan based on data and facts

• Participate in training and educational programmes

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