GFA Declares Dwarfs Losers Of The 23rd-Week League Game

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) has declared Ebusua Dwarfs FC losers of the 23rd-week league game against Legon Cities FC at the Cape Coast Sports Stadium.

The match between the two sides ended abruptly after supporters of Dwarfs threatened the referee in the match. The referee later stated that his life was at risk and called off the match.

According to the Disciplinary Committee of the GFA, Dwarfs initiated the acts responsible for causing the abrupt end of the match and in accordance with Article 33(1)(b) of the GFA Premier League Regulations.

“That having been found to have forfeited the match Dwarfs FC shall be considered as having lost the match in accordance with Article 33(2) and 34 (12) of the GFA Premier League Regulations and accordingly, the three points and three goals are hereby awarded in favour of Legon Cities FC.

“That in addition, being the defaulting club Ebusua Dwarfs FC shall lose three points from the club’s accumulated points from their matches pursuant to Article 33 (5)(a) of the GFA Premier League Regulations,” the Committee stated.

Ebusua Dwarfs as part of the punishment would pay GHC 5,000 payable to the GFA with 50% going to Legon Cities FC pursuant to Article 33 (5) (b) of the regulations.

Dwarfs would also pay GHC1,000 to the GFA which shall be transferred to Legon Cities FC as their Transportation Cost as the away team pursuant to Article 33 (5) C of the regulations.

It said the fines shall be paid within 14 days upon the receipt of the ruling, failing which Ebusua Dwarfs FC shall forfeit their subsequent matches after the said deadline.

Any of the parties have within one day of being notified of the ruling to appeal the decisions at the Appeals Committee of the GFA.


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