Ghana National Association Of Private Schools Launches Private Schools Manifesto

The Ghana National Association of Private Schools has vowed to vote against any political party that fails to incorporate their proposals into their respective manifestos as the country prepares for its ninth major elections.

Speaking during a press conference on the Pre-Tertiary Private School Manifesto proposals, the President of the Association Prof. Damascus Tuurosong called on the government to among other demands scrap the 30 percent priority placement system, extend the free SHS policy to private schools and absorb registration fees for private paid by private candidates.

Private Schools in the country have over the years complemented the government’s efforts in providing access to quality education.

However, the Association of Private Schools in the country has many concerns including the following.

At a press conference to launch its manifesto proposal to political parties in the upcoming elections, President of the Association Prof. Damascus Tuurosong emphasized that the Association will vigorously campaign and vote for political parties that pledged to address the challenges of private schools.

The Association also described the recent intention of the Education Ministry to paint public schools and change schools’ uniforms of pupils.

With a learner population of about 1.5 million at the pre-tertiary level, a proprietary population in excess 22,000 and a staff population of 22,000 the Association says, it has influence to appeal to its constituents to vote in a particular direction.

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