Ghana settles debt owed Nigeria Gas in 2013

Ghana has settled the long-term $42 million debt in 2013 it owed Nigeria Gas Company (N-Gas), making it possible for the two countries to start on a fresh page.

The settlement of the debt, among other things, enhances the country’s quest to use clean fuel for its power generation and gives the two countries an opportunity for further discussions going forward.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of N-Gas, Mr. Aliyu Aminu, said settling the debt was a testament to the Ghana government’s commitment to deepening its long-standing relationship with the company and Nigeria.

At a meeting with Ghana’s Energy Minister, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, Mr. Aminu commended the leadership of the minister, saying, “Since he took office in March, the Nigerian petroleum company has experienced a deeper collaboration with the Ministry of Energy.”

He said it was a great relief that N-Gas’ debt of $42 million had finally been settled, adding that “We are confident the relationship between Nigeria Gas and Ghana would continue to thrive under your tenure as minister.”

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