Ghanaians Resort To Panic Buying

Prices of goods and foodstuff have escalated in the market due to the fear of total lockdown in the country as the number of affected coronavirus cases keep soaring.

Many Ghanaians have resorted in panic buying in anticipation of markets and shops being shut down by the president to reduce the spread of the deadly covid19.

At the Madina market, a number of people were seen buying several items including foodstuffs to stock up their various homes to prepare for a possible announcement from the president to restrict movement in the country for some weeks to curtail the spread of the coronavirus which has resulted in price increase in various markets in the capital a bucket of fresh tomatoes which used to sell at Ghc30 has been increased to Ghc35. Also a sack of Okro which use to be sold at Ghc60 is now being sold at Ghc80.

Speaking to some market women at the madina market, they decried their inability to make enough sales enough sales at the market like before.

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) and other civil society have called on the President to lockdown the country as part of measures to reduce and prevent the community spread of the coronavirus.

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