GOKALS Ani Limited Partners With ZEISIS Vision

 A New Era in OpticsGokals Ani Ltd has announced its partnership with ZEISS Vision to introduce cutting-edge optical Services to Ghanaians. 

The partnership marks a significant milestone in the optics industry in the region, heralding 4 new era of unparalleled vision solutions. 

 While Gokals Ani Ltd has established itself as a leading manufacturer of digital free-form lenses in Ghana, the partnership with ZEISS presents an exciting opportunity to further enhance vision care in the country. 
ZEISS’s comes with advanced technologies and expertise to positively impact the vision health of the Ghanaian population. 

 The collaboration between Gokals Ani Ltd’s local manufacturing capabilities and the supply of prescription (commonly known as Rx) and Finished lenses from ZEISS would result in the highest quality lenses available in Ghana. 

 This partnership is to ensure that Ghanaians have access to premium-grade lenses that meet the highest standards of excellence in vision care. ZEISS is renowned for its wide range of high-quality lenses designed to cater for various visual needs.

 Some of the best lenses offered by ZEISS include: ZEISS SmartLife Individual 3: 
These personalized lenses are customized to each individual’s unique visual requirements, providing exceptional clarity and comfort and are adapted to the visual behavior today’s wearers.

 ZEISS SmartLife Digital Lens: Specifically designed for mid-aged digital device users, these lenses reduce eye strain and provide sharp vision across all distances, ideal for prolonged screen time.

 ZEISS Drive®️Safe Lenses: These lenses are optimized for driving conditions, reducing glare and providing better contrast and clarity in low-light situations, enhancing safety on the road. 

 ZEISS Blue®️Protect: Designed to protect against harmful blue light emitted by digital devices, these lenses help reduce eye fatigue and promote better sleep patterns. 

 ZEISS Photo®️Fusion X: These photochromic lenses automatically adapt to changing light conditions, providing optimal visual comfort both indoors and outdoors. 

 ZEISS UVProtect Technology: All ZEISS lenses come with built-in UV protection, blocking harmful UV rays to safeguard the eyes from long-term damage. 

 Each of the exceptional lenses offered by ZEISS, is said to be designed to address specific visual needs and provide superior optical performance. 

 The founder, Atmaram Goka’s vision of being the best in lenses is simply being followed. ZEISS Vision, renowned for its precision optics and innovative lens technology, brings over 175 years of expertise to the table.

 ZEISS advanced coatings like the platinum coating and superior optical performance enhance visual comfort and clarity, setting new standards in eyewear and vision care globally, Mr. Ludo Ploem, Zeiss Vision’s African Development Manager for the Middle East and Africa, brings over 30 years of optical industry experience, having owned a chain of stores in Burundi serving as the head optometrist in his own business. 

 With 7 years at ZEISS Vision, his expertise ensures a deep understanding of customer needs and the latest lens technology. 

 Mr. Ploem’s leadership would be instrumental in the success of our product launch, promising superior vision care for Ghana. 

 Together, Gokals Ani Limited and ZEISS Vision are poised to redefine the optical landscape in Ghana, empowering individuals with unparalleled vision solutions that meet the demands of the new dynamic life we all live. 

 Mr. Ashish L Gokaldas, Business Manager for Gokals Ani Limited said even though Gokals is able to manufacture lenses locally, there’s a limit to investment, a limit to their technology and a limit to research hence, partnering with ZEISS to move to the next level of research, the next level of precision, the next level of accuracy. 

 Mr. Ashish indicated that, when it comes to lens, he appreciates and respects all the lead lens manufacturers and companies but can say for a fact that, ZEISS tops it all as far as research is concerned in the market. 

 Mr. Ludo from ZEISS he averred, has a rich experience and handles all of Africa and all of the Middle East activities of the company adding that, ZEISS is not only into lenses but also, making camera lenses, microscope lenses and lenses for Apple’s new vision device. 

“You can imagine the range of research across these different industries from technology to artificial intelligence which is trending right now.

 But what is artificial intelligence without good data? and ZEISS has this data, which is why they are 100% the right partner for Gokals because we want to make a tailor-made lens or a customized lens and we’re able to accomplish that through ZEISS high-tech research”.

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