Government Urges Organizations To Provide Hand Washing Stations

The government of Ghana has advised Managers of institutions and organizers of public events to ensure the provision of hand washing stations and sanitizers; make available systems of frequent cleaning and disinfection of washrooms to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

It said washing of hands with soap and water is one of the cheapest forms of infection control, and most effective way of spreading COVID-19 in the face of an outbreak in the country.
Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, the Minister of Information, made this known at a media briefing update on COVID-19 cases in Accra on Sunday.

He said managers and organizers should also make available adequate waste management facilities as well as make information available to attendees on regular intervals on the observation of preventive etiquette of the disease.

Coronavirus is believed to be mostly spread via respiratory droplets — the little secretions one generate when sneezing or coughing. The virus can be passed on when a person who is infected coughs or sneezes, and small virus-laden droplets land on the people or surfaces around them.

According to the Minister, with regard to spread of COVID-19, hand washing and adhering to good etiquettes is the way to go to slow or reduce the virus infection. He urged the public to observe social distancing of at least two meters in large crowds.

Ghana has so far confirmed four additional cases of COVID-19 bringing the total number to six with 100 suspected cases testing negative.


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